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Providence Classical Academy is a K4-12th grade Christian Classical school located in North Bossier built around nurturing a deep love for the Lord and a deep love for learning. Providence started in 2005 with 17 students and has now grown to 491 students.

Providence was started out of a deep burden for our city and our country. Within our city, we saw a vacuum of organizations investing in developing leaders and a positive vision for our city. Thirteen years later, the current situation is even more stark with less vision and greater need. In this vacuum, Providence is transformative in what we are doing. The direction of any city, state, or country is shaped by its leaders. What is going to build the sort of leaders that are needed to make Shreveport-Bossier into the sort of place we long for it to become? Providence is seeking to nurture these sorts of leaders through our classical and discipleship-oriented education.

Vision drives Providence: A vision for students. A vision for our city. A vision for the glory of God. Providence has grown and is having influence precisely because of our narrow vision: developing Christ-centered, classically-trained leaders who will serve the Lord and our community well. This vision has been the fuel that has drawn families to our school and has drawn great teachers willing to sacrifice their lives to pour discipleship and academic engagement into our students.

Providence Classical Academy seeks to pursue the glory of God and the good of His people by providing a classical and Christian education founded upon a Biblical worldview, which equips students to know, love, and practice the Truth and challenges them to strive for excellence as they live purposefully in service to God and man.

At the heart of this mission is the vision that we have for the student who will be developed at Providence Classical Academy: lifelong learners who develop into Christ-centered leaders, who will fully engage both heart and mind to know and serve God. We want our students to have a relationship with God through Christ that is exhibited in every are a of life and culture.

The Story of

In early 2005, Howard and Melissa Davis were grappling with what to do with their daughters’ education. They had heard great things about the Magnet Schools in Shreveport, but had friends who had gone through and graduated from the Magnet program but in the process had lost their faith in Christ. The more that they looked into this, they realized that this was a national trend (that trend has since grown) of churched kids going to public schools and losing their faith. As they looked around, the private schools did not offer the mix of discipleship and strong academics that they were looking for, so they contemplated starting a school that would be aimed primarily of nurturing students who would above all else learn to trust, love, and live for Jesus in all of life, while receiving an education that would rival or excel what the Magnet program was offering, all the while nurturing a love for learning that even the Magnet program struggles to nurture. So they had an interest meeting in February 2005 to pitch their idea and 30 families showed up. After the meeting, 15 families wanted to go ahead with starting a new school. So a board was formed.

Six months later, in August 2005, the school started as Shreveport Classical Christian School with 17 students at Broadmoor Baptist. A year later we began to meet as a full-time school at First Baptist Bossier under the name Providence Classical Academy. In 2010, when the school was at 100 students, we bought property at our current location, 4525 Old Brownlee Road, brought Howard on as Head of School, and built our first building. Every two years since then, we have added on to our building, so that we now have extensive facilities that house our current student population and long-term will serve as our Lower and Middle School building. Since 2010, we have grown to a K4-12th grade school of over 492 students. While we have developed a strong High School program, we are excited to announce that we are aggressively moving forward with plans to build a new High School building in the near future.

The Aim of

What’s the primary aim of Providence? Why the rapid growth and how might that connect with what you are looking for in a school for your student?

Providence has had a single-minded focus of seeking to produce students with strong mind and passionate hearts, who are going to live zealously for the glory of God. In this, we have a strong desire to see our students nurtured to be leaders who will be equipped with the skills, wisdom, and godliness to effectively influence their families, neighborhoods, businesses, and communities in a way that will help to strengthen the Kingdom of God and His mission wherever they land.

Every school asks for you to invest 13 years of your child’s life towards their future.

What is the aim of the education?

Years ago, Aristotle realized that much of what is called education is misnamed: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all.”

Providence is seeking to shape your child to love learning, to love the Lord, and to love people.

The best way to learn about us is to come for a visit.

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About our

We are seeking to provide a world-class education in the Classical tradition in the context of Christ-centered discipleship. Thus, we seek to provide a classical Christian education.

What are some elements involved in Classical Education?

  • In contrast to modern education, we use old (proven) methods reading old (influential) books seeking to teach old (important) skills.
  • Grammar (Grades K-5): Focused on what to know (pursuit of knowledge). The early grades focus on learning through stories, songs, and chants, learning the basics well and memorizing critical information. We want well-informed students.
  • Logic (Grades 6-8): How to think (pursuit of understanding and reason). The middle grades focus on thinking skills. We want our students to be thinkers.
  • Rhetoric (Grades 9-12): How to live in light of truth and communicate it persuasively to others (pursuit of wisdom and skills of expression). Our High School grades focus on helping students give meaning to, apply, express and live out what they know and understand to be the truth. We want our students to live in light of what they believe.
  • PCA teaches students how to learn by providing them with tools that enable them to explore subjects appropriately at any level. This further promotes their desire and love for learning. Our students are equipped with skills that will make them lifetime learners.
  • Unique classes at PCA: History (taught from Ancient Civilization through Modern over 3 cycles from Elementary to High School), Latin, Logic, Rhetoric

Christian Education

Christian education is teaching all subjects from history to science to literature from a view of the world and life informed by the story of God: He made all things good (Creation), the world and everything and everyone in it has been polluted as He judged sin (the Fall), His reclaiming all things in Christ (Redemption), and where He is bringing everything (Consummation). It is education that has at its center that all of life belongs to God, and all of life (from law to business to neighboring) is to be lived for His glory. We are seeking to train our students to truly think—in a distinctively Biblical way, to be discerning believers, learning to see the world and the different subjects as God sees them.

  • We want our students to trust, love, and live for Jesus in all of life.
  • Knowing the Scriptures
  • Connecting all their subjects with Biblical truth
  • Life-on-life discipleship

PCA's Goals for Graduates


  • Articulates and practices a Biblical worldview
  • Demonstrates knowledge, love, and practice of Truth
  • Shows a vibrant relationship with God through Christ
  • Demonstrates familiarity with Scriptures and Christian doctrines: basic characters, themes, creeds, etc.


  • Strives for excellence
  • Develops a curiosity and desire for life long learning
  • Demonstrates an engaged heart and mind
  • Develops strong work ethic and resourcefulness
  • Articulates understanding of truth, beauty, and goodness
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate winsomely and persuasively in written and spoken form
  • Grasps confluence of academic disciplines
  • Demonstrates good problem-solving skills


  • Engages in purposeful service to others
  • Participates actively in Christian life and culture
  • Demonstrates constructive coping skills when stressed/anxious/troubled
  • Develops good time management skills
  • Exhibits character and substance over charisma and style
  • Actively cultivates inter-generational relationships
  • Builds friendships authentically and appropriately

Cultural Influence

  • Understands and accepts responsibility of Christians to be salt and light
  • Exhibits the courage necessary to be a genuine servant leader
  • Demonstrates winsome and eloquent apologetic for the Faith
  • Embraces desire to engage culture in fruitful ways
  • Seeks relevant opportunities to interact meaningfully with others